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If your electric vehicle runs out of power on the road and you’re looking for a nearby towing company to help take you to the nearest EV charging station, we can quickly find and dispatch a local tow truck driver directly to your location. Our qualified towing providers are available to get you hitched, towed, and delivered to an electric car charging station quick and safe. Our partners tow to ChargePoint stations and other electric charging stations anywhere in the United States and Puerto Rico.

Anytime, anywhere

Our jump start service providers are available to help you 24/7/365, anywhere in the USA & Puerto Rico when you need battery help.

Know what's going on

Get real-time updates and track arrival of the service provider on the map.

No membership card or fees

Pay for only the service you need.

Your buck goes a long way

Pay only a flat rate – no hidden fees, no surprises.

Hassle-free payments

All credit and debit cards accepted.

Let loved ones know you're safe

Share your tracking link so friends and family can monitor your service.

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More About Urgent.ly

We’re the movers and shakers in roadside assistance, disrupting the industry to bring better service to our customers, our partners, and our service providers. The core of our service network has been providing roadside assistance services to customers for over 15 years. With more than 55,000 service vehicles across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, Urgent.ly can help get you back on the road 24/7/365. Over 275,000 drivers have found better roadside help through Urgent.ly and millions more have direct access to our services through integrations and partnerships with mapping and connected car platforms in addition to luxury global automotive OEMs.

Urgent.ly is America’s leading on-demand roadside assistance service. Designed for the on-demand economy and the connected car revolution, Urgent.ly is providing the fastest, safest and most innovative roadside assistance experience – all without a subscription or membership fee. We offer transparent service with clear, flat-rate pricing, cashless payment, and reliable help for motorists in need of a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, jump start or lock-out service.

What people have been saying

“The Uber for Roadside Assistance [...] Fast and Easy. Saves Money”

John Aber

“Lifelong member of AAA but rarely use it. Urgently prices much better.”

Jay Gibbs

“The future has arrived.”

Dan Lammers

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How It Works: Find Towing Near Me

Simply tap ‘Get Help Now!’ above to begin the process.

1. Choose Towing from the Roadside Services menu.

2. Type in some basic information, including your name and phone number, and the make and model of your car.

3. Click ‘OK’, and Urgent.ly will pinpoint exactly where you are.

4. Review the Summary page, check the estimated price and edit your information if required.

5. Click ‘Next’, and enter your credit or debit card details.

6. Click ‘Next’, and Urgent.ly will find the nearest available towing service provider.

7. Look for a text message with an ETA, and then watch your electric vehicle towing service provider approach in real time via a link provided in a text message.

8. For additional help, call or text Urgent.ly’s Customer Service department, or directly call your roadside assistance provider.

Fast Towing, Flat Rate Pricing, No Membership Needed

We pride ourselves on transparency - from charging a guaranteed flat rate per tow to providing real-time updates as your tow truck comes to you. No surprises, no hidden fees, and best of all? No membership requirement. We’ll happily help any driver in need find fast, safe, and reliable EV towing service.

Pay for your tow service easily with any credit or debit card online or in the app. No need to fumble through the glove box for a membership card, struggle to remember your account number, or come up with cash for the tow on the spot. And we won’t sign you up for any memberships you didn’t ask for or charge annual fees. Promise.

The Tech Behind The Tow Truck

You no longer have to stress as you call around in search of an available tow truck driver or sift through Google after searching for ‘EV charging stations near me’; the technology in Urgent.ly’s native mobile and web apps will take care of finding an available local towing company to bring you to an electric car charging station. Using the latest in sophisticated mobile and web technology, the Urgent.ly platform can automatically pinpoint the location of a driver in need of a tow, find the nearest qualified and available tow truck driver, and dispatch roadside service directly to the disabled vehicle. Users then watch in real time as help arrives, with the ability to contact their service provider from directly within the app. Think Uber or Lyft, but for tow trucks.

Towing to Electric Vehicle Charging Station Locations

Access to electric cars and EV charging stations is growing. Across the United States, there are more than 16,000 alternative fueling stations available to charge your electric vehicle or boost your EV’s battery. ChargePoint operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle charging network. Whether it’s a Tesla charging station for a supercharge, Nissan Leaf charging station, or one of the 38,000 ChargePoint stations, our towing partners will get you towed to your electric car charger. When you’re stranded on the side of the road and you think to Google ‘Tesla charging stations near me’, remember Urgent.ly is the quickest and most efficient option for finding a nearby tow truck to satisfy your tow to ev charging station needs.

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Where is Urgent.ly available?

Urgent.ly is available nationwide across the United States & Puerto Rico, providing fast, reliable 24/7/375 emergency roadside assistance for car lockout, jump starts, out of gas, tire changes and towing service. Below, explore a small sample of the cities we serve.





























New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

North Dakota





Puerto Rico

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota








West Virginia



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